December 31, 2020


Messenger of God

In Eastern mythology the dragon represents a messenger of God.

His dwelling is shrouded in mistery faraway behind the clouds.

His birth takes place in the craters of the dark side of the Moon.

It can happen that an adult dragon who’s protected from all evils, 

can eventually fly through space and land on Earth.

Hitoshi Miura

Chairman of the jury

December 16th, 2020


The dragon in the celtic cultures

In the celtic mythology the dragon lies under the earth’s mantle, its whorls dive into the ocean deep, its bones support the mountains ridges.

The dragon goes up from the deepths and lives in distant isolated valleys.

The dragon is a symbol for psychic and spiritual forces, it is the power that burns impurity.

The dragon is a symbol of time, of the beginning and ending of every experience of knowledge.

The dragon is the battle that every human being has to face for their inner growth.

The dragon represents the rejoining of the primordial energy and the path to achieve immortality.

There are a lot of dragons distiguished by their shape or color.

For our contest wich is related to Calanca Biennale 2023 we chose the Green Dragon.

The Green Dragon is the most common one. It lives in forests of temperate zones and hibernate during the winter. In this cold season mosses and lichen cover up to camouflage him perfectly with the environment. 

The dragon awakes in spring, in the love season and you can meet him in the woods.

The deforestation and climate change which are reducing its habitat, forces him to leave our planet for more welcoming and less devasted worlds.

If you happen to meet a dragon during a walk, or during any terrestrial, astral or inner wandering, don’t loose the opportunity to chat with him. A dragon can open doors to unknown dimensions.

December 1st, 2020


New landscape of the moon

Since antiquity Japanese people thought that rabbits lived on the moon.

This is because people likened the pattern on the moon to a rabbit making rice cakes.

As an adult, I learned that what the moon looks like depends on the country or region where you live.

The moon always shows the same side to the earth, so the visible pattern does not change.

Yet, in one country, a big crab, in another a knitting woman, in another a barking lion or crocodile, and even a man carrying firewood … etc.

Differences in culture, customs, nature and environment has produced many interpretations.

Everything in this world looks different from person to person. If it looks different, it will be interpreted differently.

In this contest, the theme is the moon itself as it exists.

With different interpretations and different techniques, we are looking forward to seeing the moon, as no one has yet seen it.

Hitoshi Miura

Chairman of the jury

November 25, 2020


Why a project with the moon in a time when the pandemic on this planet is the topic of the day ?

The moon is such an important component of our symbolic thinking and feeling.

It has to do with the feminine side of us all, with mystery and our fears.

It is a very important theme, in the moon resides shadow and reflected light. There lies power, the unlimited power of the human being is there, where intuition lives.

This symbol must not be wasted.

Sometimes it takes a bit more time to develop such a project and follow all the progress.

The initial ideas take new shapes, they reveal themselves with a new awareness. We are more and more conscious of the transition that our planet and ourselves are facing.

The moon helps us to find equilibrium in an earthly world which is so sour, cruel and raw.