Tribute to Laika

This section of the Contest is intended to be a tribute to Laika.

This smart little dog whose real name was “peanut” was launched into space on board SPUTNIK 2 on November 3, 1957.

Laika survived for 5 hours and then died of asphyxation because of a technical failure.

In any case a capsule re-entry was not planned. After months of physical tortures of preparation Laika was launched into space to die in fear and in loneliness.

The project MOON declares to be against using human and animal beings for scientic purposes.

This section is a loving memorial for Laika. The graphic designers who want to take part in the contest “The hidden colors of the moon” can participate in both sections “The colors of the moon” and “Laika”.

We’re looking forward to see your beautiful works.


Illustration by Hitoshi Miura – Japan

Happy Birthday Luz!

Contest number 1 / LAIKA 1 / A

The first creature in the world to travel to space with a one-way ticket from Earth to space.

Her name is Laika. Borrowing the appareance of the water dog Luz in memory of Laika.


Illustration by Yi Liran – China

Laika 2   

Contest number 34 / LAIKA 2 / A


Digital Art by Victor Kavalenko – Russia Laika — the first Soviet space dog to orbit the Earth Contest number 43 / LAIKA 1 / A


Illustration by Eric Boelts


Contest number 81 / LAIKA 1 / A


Digital Art by Jei-Fei Yang – Taiwan Laika on the moon Contest number 82 / LAIKA 1 / A


Illustration by Shawlin Islam – Bangladesh


Contest number 184 / LAIKA 1 / A