International Contest

Illustration – Photography – Digital Art

The Hidden Colors Of The Moon

Rebirth with colors you don’t know yet


The Moon our satellite, our natural nocturnal light, 

the celestial body closest to us, with its magnetism

 influences our conscious and unconscious life.

The Moon has been a symbol and a mythological 

presence in many ways and for every culture.

With this contest  we want you to display in your own personal way, 

a new rebirth with the colors of yourself that you don’t know yet. 

A new rebirth for everyone of us with more awarness

of humanity, of every being living on our planet 

and of the planet itself.


  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Digital Art


Minimum one work in two different versions (colors/shapes)

that can be made into an animation. 

Text including your idea/concept has to be 

minimum 100 words, maximum 300 words.

Number of submitted works per artist no limit

Number of participants per artwork no limit


Please send your files to


  • The registration form

and your work, technical data

  • 70 x 100 cm (vertical or horizontal)




2021, April 20

Selected works will be published

once received on the website (before the submission deadline) .

Please no logotype on the illustration


1. Step – Every work will be posted on

2. Step – Selected works will be posted on

3. Step – the final selection will be the objects of an outdoor exhibition including projection and printing on acrylic glass (this last step depends on the fundraising)

Works that not conform to the concept will  not be considered


Every image has to be your own work and you must own 

the publishing rights.

All the submitted works may  be displayed in 

an exhibition organised by or by

The submitted works can be used for 

communication purposes (exclusively for an exhibition) 

on every technological medium by 

Any other use will be discussed with the artists.

The selection of works to be published

(made by the selected team of The colors of the Moon) 

is final and will not be subject to discussion